Did you know that tire pressure can drop about one pound per square inch (psi) and lose around 1.5 psi every month as air naturally escapes from the tires? Your tire pressure light is important because it lets you know when the pressure in your tires is lower the minimum acceptable standards.

Tire punctures and extreme temperatures can cause your tire pressure light to illuminate. During the winter, your tire pressure light may temporarily come on because cold temperatures can cause the pressure in the tires to drop during the night. Your tire pressure light may come on in the summer because the hot temperatures can cause the tires to over-inflate.

It is important that you have your tire pressure light checked out if it's illuminated. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tire pressure monitoring systems reduce motor vehicle fatalities by 120 and injuries by 8,500 every year. At Big 4 Motors Ltd., we can ensure that your tire pressure light is working properly.



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