Belts & Hoses: Identifying Problems and Fixing Them Fast

When was the last time you checked your belts and hoses? When you look under the hood, you can find a variety of hoses and belts that carry power and fluids to other parts of your car. The timing belt is one of the most important as it synchronizes your camshaft, crankshaft, and distributor. If this belt becomes cracked, worn, or otherwise faulty, you may notice that your engine overheats or backfires completely.

Serpentine belts can also wear down and crack. When this happens, you will notice some vibration and screeching, as well as a lack of steering flexibility. It’s important to fix this belt before it corrodes your lines even more and leads to the loss of power steering completely. Lastly, coolant hoses need to be checked for leaks to prevent damage to other engine components beneath the hose.

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