The 4 Best Places Near Calgary To Go Off-Roading in Your Jeep

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1. Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area

This off-road location is perfect for experienced off-roaders looking for a new challenge to beat with their well-equipped Jeep. These informal trails present various challenges, allowing you to test your skill and equipment. There are campsites nearby, and you should plan around a full day of off-roading when visiting since you will be going through drop-offs, water crossings, and other time-consuming terrains.

2. Lost Knife Trail

This trail is perfect for beginners looking to get into off-roading adventures since it’s easily accessible through Highway 40 just north of Waiparous village. You will have up to 20 kilometres of trails to explore and test your skills on these moderate-level trails. The trail layout is clear, making it easy to follow for various levels of off-roaders.

3. Top of the World

Just west of Calgary at McLean Creek, you will find this relatively short trail best suited for experienced off-roaders, making it a great spot to visit if you wish to go off-roading but not spend the whole day at the trails. It has steep areas to climb and drops that will give you a thrilling experience. This trail will test you mentally while you get your Jeep through the various challenges that will have you passing by spectacular views on your way up.

4. Lost Knife Trail

Just a bit north form Waiparous Village you can find Lost Knife Trail, a beautiful and not very difficult excursion, covering about 20 km. Even though it is considered moderate in difficulty, both complete beginners and experienced drivers will find something of interest along this trail.

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