Save up to $50 on Brakes! Limited Time offer! $50.00 Off
Brake System Maintenance Special $99.95

Per-axle, for a limited time. When done in conjunction with the Peace-of-Mind Maintenance Special.

Free Battery Test

Service includes an electronic battery test with test printout and manufacturer's check

Winter Peace-of-Mind Maintenance Special $89.95

Factory Scheduled Service Your Vehicle Deserves!

Automatic Transmission Service $299.95

Perform a transmission fluid exchange to help lubricate your vehicle's transmission internal parts

Brake Inspection & Service $79.95

Inspect brakes for wear and report percentage. Clean and service sliders.

AVR Battery Test $69.95

Perform an AVR (Alternator Voltage Regulator) test on the vehicle charging system and battery.

Coolant System Flush $205.95

Involves flushing out the entire system of contaminants and replacing the mixture with fresh coolant

Brake System Flush $154.95

Includes removing the existing fluid out of the system and replacing it with new, clean, fluid.

85 Point Inspection $144.95

Includes an 85 point inspection. Full mechanical report.

Mount and Balance $100.00

Road force balance with four tires and a road test

Engine Tuneup $199.95

Includes a minor tuneup, replacing all spark plugs and cleaning all electrical connections.