First-Time Car Buyer in Calgary, Alberta


First-Time Car Buyer in Calgary, Alberta

Buyers in Alberta and the surrounding areas can check our services in our dealership, Big 4 Motors, based in Calgary. Our Finance Centre comprises qualified car financial experts committed to ensuring that you get the best deal possible. You can visit our dealership for other inquiries, including our trade-in plans.

How Do I Buy a Car For the First Time in Canada?

Buying a car is a substantial financial commitment, and therefore, it should be treated as one. The following are some of the key considerations when buying a car for the first time:

Do your research

Research the type of vehicle you're after, compare specifications, pricing, and reviews, and then narrow down to a specific choice. This research can be carried out online or by physically visiting dealerships.

Identify your financing options

The most common options are usually leases and car loans. Choose the best option that suits your circumstances.

Know your monthly budget for payment

Before buying, have a general idea of how much interest the lender charges and what rate you will pay.

What Is a Good First Car in Canada?

The choice of the vehicle depends on the buyer's taste and their specific needs. It usually varies from one person to another. For instance, when it comes to midsize sedans, the Mazda 3 is a great option; in the large car category, the Kia K5 may come in handy; Subaru Crosstrek in the small utility segment; Ram 1500 in the pickup pool, among many others.

What Is a Good Credit Score for a First-Time Car Buyer?

Getting a financing deal for your car can be tricky. In Canada, there is no minimum credit score for a car loan. However, the downside is that the lower your score, the more you are likely to be limited when it comes to financing options. Luckily, most lenders in Canada still prefer their applicants to be in the 630 to 650 bracket. This credit score may also vary from one lender to another. Dealerships are also now integrated into the financing process, a move that has been very helpful for buyers. Explore our new inventory today and begin the process towards ownership.