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Finance Your Vehicle Your Way

We understand that your vehicle is a major commitment, so financing has to fit you and your family. Our Big 4 Motors Finance Managers are experts in finding the best options and the best rates without delay.

Regardless of your credit score, our finance managers help you with an affordable payment schedule that puts you behind the vehicle. We work with all the major financial institutions to ensure you get the best possible rate. Please fill out our safe and secure credit application to start. We'll do the rest.

Credit Application

Tricor offers a wide range of innovative, value-added automotive products and services aimed at enhancing the vehicle purchasing and ownership experience.

Finance and Lease

Tricor Lease and Finance Corporation is available to all qualified purchasers of new and pre-owned vehicles, providing instant approval for qualified applicants. Tricor offers a dedicated source for your financing that won't tie up your borrowing power with banks or other financial institutions.
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Tire and Rim Protection

Extended warranty coverage on tires and rims, including balancing and roadside assistance.
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Nitrogen Filled Tires

Using nitrogen to fill your tires allows tires to retain correct pressure much longer. Nitrogen's larger molecules prevent it from seeping out of a tire as quickly as air.
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Vehicle Service Contract

TRICARE provides coverage for mechanical breakdown repairs beyond the manufacturer's original warranty, so that you can choose the plan that best suites your driving and financial needs.
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Environmental Protection

Protect the inside of your vehicle from stains, and the outside from corrosion, rust, gravel and road salt damage.
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Your personal I.D. number is etched onto your vehicle, recorded and stored in a secure database, which is immediately accessible to law enforcement in the event of theft.
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