Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

At Big 4 Motors, we strive to keep our customers safe on the road. Road safety is more crucial than ever during winter months when the roads are icy and slippery. Winter road safety begins with proper vehicle maintenance. There are a few vehicle maintenance services you should ensure you perform for your protection this winter season.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips

1.     Install Winter Tires

To prepare your vehicle for winter, start by installing winter tires. The special tread pattern on winter tires ensures they provide you with the best traction possible, even on icy roads. Winter tires are also specially engineered to handle sub-zero temperatures without losing pressure or compromising performance.

2.     Top Up Your Fluids

Ensure all your vehicle fluids are topped up, especially the engine oil. Everything from coolant, brake fluid, and window washer fluid to transmission fluid and antifreeze should be topped up before driving in winter.

3.     Pack a Winter Safety Kit

Be prepared for the worst, and keep an emergency kit in your vehicle in case you get stranded on the side of the road during a winter storm. Ensure you pack warm clothing, a blanket, matches or a flashlight, an ice scraper, jumper cables, and some food and water.

Get More Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Stay safe this winter by preparing your vehicle for the cold and harsh months ahead. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how to get your vehicle ready for winter. Our expert service staff will be glad to help you get your vehicle ready for the winter season.

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