5 Reasons To Change Your Oil Regularly

The easiest way to increase your car's life span is to change the engine oil regularly. A vehicle engine consists of numerous moving parts which need to be lubricated frequently to prevent damage. The engine oil breaks down over time and gets contaminated with dust and debris from the engine. As a result, the oil fails to do its job correctly. As a part of routine maintenance, changing engine oil at regular intervals helps the engine consistently give its best performance. Filtering car engine oil regularly comes with a lot of benefits for your car. Here is a list of benefits of a car oil change that ensures your car's functioning. Contact us at Big 4 Motors in Calgary, Alberta and Red Deer, Airdrie, Chestermere and Okotoks. Feel free to browse through our new inventory available.

Better Engine Performance

Regular oil changes engine a better engine performance of your vehicle, keeping the moving parts lubricated and clean.

Cleaner Engine

When the engine starts, oil flows from various internal sources, bringing dirt, microscopic wear, and other particles accumulated. As a result of not doing your car's oil change, sludge can start to build up in the engine. The problem becomes worse for those who live in drier and dustier areas. That is why changing engine oil and replacing filters timely is crucial to keep these harmful bites of dirt and debris away from your engine so that they cannot harm your vehicle.

5 Reasons To Change Your Oil Regularly

Longer Life Span of The Engine

Oil is the lifeline of your vehicle. The oil protects the car engine from damages by maintaining its lubrication. It is a valuable investment that makes sure that your vehicle's performance remains good for many years to come. The engine oil can collect dirt that needs to be cleaned on a timely basis, and changing the oil and replacing filters are the only ways to keep the engine clean and safe, saving your time and money.

Decrease Vehicle Emission

Regular vehicle oil change service means clean oil that ensures smooth functioning releases less exhaust than a dirty engine.

Increased Gas Mileage

By changing engine oil regularly, the engine gets clean, quality oil that offers lubrication and friction-reducing potential than the old and dirty engine oil. Increased engine lubrication means less engine friction, due to which the engine runs easier and smoother.

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