How to Prepare For Winter Driving in Calgary, Alberta

How to Prepare For Winter Driving in Calgary, Alberta

If you are searching for a dealership in Calgary that offers a vast new inventory and exceptional service, you can always rely on our team at Big 4 Motors. We are proud to be a part of this community and committed to serving as your go-to dealership for all things automotive. Winter is a difficult season for your vehicle to endure. To keep your vehicle running well throughout the colder months, you will need to prepare it ahead of time. Our dealership cares about all the drivers in the area, so we have made available helpful tips to prepare your vehicle for winter.

Five Tips How You Can Prepare For Winter Driving

Install Winter Tires

Winter tires will make your vehicle more dependable by providing increased traction for snowy, icy, or slushy conditions. If using tires purchased for a previous year, check the wear before installing them on your vehicle. While the colder weather continues, check your air pressure often since the frigid conditions can cause the pressure to decrease. It is best to use four matched tires bearing the mountain/snowflake winter tire symbol with a tread of 3.5 mm or higher. You can also use tires branded with an M+S (Mud and Snow) symbol. Yet, these do not produce the same performance as a mountain snowflake tire when encountering severe winter conditions.

Get A Winter Maintenance Check-Up

Although you could never prepare for every situation or malfunction, early maintenance makes a safe journey more likely. As temperatures drop, get a winter maintenance check-up on your brakes, battery, cooling and heating systems, lights and fuses, electrical and exhaust systems, and belts and hoses.

Change to Winter Blades

Winter wipers are different from regular blades because they have a protective layer composed of rubber. This added covering makes them heavier and enables them to keep on working in extreme ice and snow.

Defrost Your Vehicle

Defrosting your vehicle is not a pleasant task, but it must get done for unobstructed visibility on the road. Clear the snow and ice away from your windshield, mirrors, windows, hood, roof, and lights before heading out.

Pack A Winter Survival Kit

Anytime you leave the house, you need to have a phone with a full charge and a car charger to recharge it as needed. Along with that, you may need blankets, bottled water, and a flashlight on hand.

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