One of the most popular heavy-duty pickup trucks out there, the all-new Ram 2500 offers innovative powertrain options. Find out what these options are and how they make your new pickup powerful and high performing.

The new 2500 from Ram comes with a 6.7-liter diesel engine that features turbo power capabilities. It gives the heavy-duty truck its torque and horsepower. It gives the best in class performance out of all of the heavy-duty pickups with which it competes.

The engine also allows you to go at least 15,000 miles in between oil changes. You can drive for as long as six months to a year before you get an oil change. The engine continues to perform just as well.

The engine also gives the pickup its towing power. It allows you to tow full-size livestock trailers behind it. You can also tow vehicles like sedans and large fishing boats easily.

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